Get Started on Splice Machine


Download our Community Edition or try it in the cloud on our AWS Sandbox.

You may download a standalone edition directly to your laptop or a cluster edition for Cloudera, MapR, or HortonWorks.

Access the Community Edition source code on our GitHub repository. Get started with Splice Machine in minutes or get a demo with a Splice Machine expert.

Sandbox Cluster Generator

Spin up a Splice Machine cluster on AWS

Community Edition - Standalone

Download to a Mac OS X, CentOS or Ubuntu system

Community Edition - Cluster

Deploy to your own cluster

All versions include features such as:

  • Concurrent ACID Transactions
  • OLTP & OLAP Resource Isolation
  • Distributed In-Memory Joins, Aggregations, Scans, and Group By’s
  • Cost-Based Statistics / Query Optimizer
  • New releases and maintenance updates

Tutorials, forums and other resources can be found on, which provides access to the user community to help troubleshoot issues and answer questions.

For more information on the Splice Machine ODBC driver, please click the button below.

ODBC Driver
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