Standalone Community Edition Download

Try the Splice Machine RDBMS for Yourself

The Splice Machine Community Edition is a fully featured RDBMS, built on Spark and HBase creating a flexible, hybrid database that enables businesses to perform simultaneous OLAP and OLTP workloads.

All versions include features such as:

  • Concurrent ACID Transactions
  • OLTP & OLAP Resource Isolation
  • Distributed In-Memory Joins, Aggregations, Scans, and Group By’s
  • Cost-Based Statistics / Query Optimizer
  • New Releases and Maintenance Updates

This download is for a V2.0 Community Edition standalone version that will allow you to perform functional testing of Splice Machine on Mac OS X, a single CentOS, or a VM.

Tutorials, forums, videos and documentation are available through the Splice Machine community at any time at

If you would like to try the Enterprise Edition, please contact us.