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4 Reasons To Scale Operational Applications On Hadoop  /  5.26.15

Powering real-time applications involves scaling not only existing enterprise applications, but also new applications that have emerged from the web, social media, and mobile devices. Overwhelmed by massive data growth, businesses must carefully select cost-effective technologies that can enable applications to easily manage both the data volumes of today and its exponential growth in the future.

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Hadoop and IBM i: Not As Far Apart As One Might Think  /  5.20.15

The worlds of IBM i and Apache Hadoop appear to be diametrically opposed. One is a proprietary, RISC-based platform used primarily to run transactional systems. The other is an open source, X86-based platform used primarily for big data analytics. But as far apart as the two platforms seem to be, at least one IBM i software vendor, mrc, is aiming to find some common ground between them.

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Splice Machine and Talend Team Up to Improve Data Workflows in Hadoop  /  5.12.15

Splice Machine is partnering with Talend to enable customers to simplify data integration and streamline data workflows on Hadoop.

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