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Are Your Systems Ready For The Big Data Explosion? 3 Key Database Strategy Tips  /  3.13.15

To keep up with an exploding volume, velocity and variety of data, enterprises are turning to NoSQL databases in lieu of traditional relational databases to achieve faster performance, scalability and ease-of-development.

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Capitalizing on Data from the Internet of Things  /  3.9.15

The Internet of Things (IoT) is will generate more data than ever before possible for businesses. As a result, companies are beginning to evaluate the readiness of their infrastructure to handle the capture and processing of this data deluge.

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Top Tech Startups Named  /  2.13.15

ITEN released the 2014 list of the top ten tech startups in St. Louis. In the same report, ITEN identifies the ten fastest growing tech companies under two years old, and an “honorable mention” list of companies that deserve a closer look.

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