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Splice Machine Partners With mrc  /  4.20.15

Splice Machine, provider of the Hadoop RDBMS, today announced it has partnered with mrc (michaels, ross & cole ltd.), a global software company that specializes in web application development software. As a part of this partnership, Splice Machine’s Hadoop RDBMS has been certified and integrated with mrc’s m-Power platform to create an affordable, scalable option for web and mobile application developers who want to tap into large amounts of real-time data.

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Not All Hadoop Users Drop ACID  /  4.8.15

In the age of businesses with data that lives on dozens or even hundreds of servers, expecting transactional integrity and data consistency and currency are old-fashioned notions. On Hadoop, you just have to settle for the new NoSQL standard of BASE and eventual consistency. That’s what they say.

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Splice Machine, RedPoint Deliver ‘Big Data’ Digital Marketing Platform  /  4.7.15

Splice Machine, provider of The Hadoop RDBMS, has formed a “strategic partnership” with RedPoint Global, a data management and digital marketing software leader, to bring its customers something new. What exactly is the new offering? A complete omni-channel marketing solution for Big Data.

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