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There is a lot of activity and analysis in the Big Data space. We’re pulling together the most interesting things we see and sharing them with you.

10 Hadoop Predictions for 2015  /  12.17.14

Over the next five years, the Hadoop-MapReduce market is expected to hit $2.2bn, a compound annual growth rate (GAGR) of 58%, according to The research firm put the growth down to the increasing amounts of data that has to be stored and analyzed, as well as the cost-prohibitive pricing

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The Joys and Hype of Software Called Hadoop  /  12.16.14

Even in hype-filled Silicon Valley, few buzz phrases are freighted with higher expectations than big data. Salespeople are knocking on the doors of Fortune 500 companies, promising to help them analyze a mounting flood of information from websites, smartphones, social networks and an increasing array

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Big Data and Omni-Channel Pave The Way For 1:1 Marketing  /  10.28.14

The importance of personalized customer interaction is becoming far more pronounced among today’s B2B marketers: this is called 1:1 marketing. Smart marketers need to shift our gaze from big data and metrics to creating 1:1 relationships that leverage mining of better and more meaningful data.

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Big World, Big Data: The Modern Day Impact on Traditional Industries  /  9.22.14

While Big Data has received a lot of attention over the last three years, the “Data” part has been a key component for leading companies for much, much longer. The “Big” part is only possible now because tools like Hadoop that store, access, and analyze massive volumes of data have emerged from

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