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1.6.16  /  What’s in Store for Big Data in 2016?

In a time-honored New Year's tradition, industry players weigh in with their predictions for the Big Data landscape in 2016.

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1.4.16  /  10 Data Analytics Predictions for 2016

As companies grow more reliant on data analytics, technology must keep pace with changing business needs, say data experts.

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1.4.16  /  Big Data Analytics Predictions for 2016

The celebrating is over and many of us face 2016 with excited anticipation of how big data analytics will enable astonishing innovations that create new industries and reinvent others. Others look ahead with trepidation, unsure of what the New Year holds for big data.

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12.15.15  /  Industry Speaks: Top 33 Big Data Predictions for 2016

What will happen in big data in 2016? You’d think that would be a cinch to answer, what with all the deep neural net and prescriptive analytic progress being made these days. But in fact the big data predictions from the industry are all over the map. Datanami received dozens of predictions from

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12.14.15  /  Splice Machine CEO’s Big Data Prediction’s for 2016

Don’t expect to the momentum of the Big Data train to slow down anytime soon. Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine and executive chairman of RocketFuel, a publicly traded, full programmatic marketing platform, provides his insights on what to expect for Big Data for 2016.

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