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There is a lot of activity and analysis in the Big Data space. We’re pulling together the most interesting things we see and sharing them with you.

3.18.16  /  How Data Geeks Are Taking Over Basketball

If you’re used to the usual basketball stats—points, assists, rebounds, blocked shots, free-throw percentage and the rest—get ready for a whole new vocabulary. Andy Glockner introduces you to gravity scores and paint touches, offensive efficiency and defensive playmaking.

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3.18.16  /  The Future Is What Happens When People Embrace Open Data

Open data is a thing, an idea, and an ideal. Open data is one of those "superhero words" alongside its cousins the Cloud and Big Data.

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3.14.16  /  Big Data Isn’t That Important: It’s the Small Insights That Will Change Everything

The real future potential of big data isn’t in its capacity to be big, but rather in just how small it can get.

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2.23.16  /  How Big Data Is Helping Move Women To The C-Suite

Although the headlines focus our attention on the lack of diversity in business, especially in tech companies, many organizations are diligently working to create more inclusive cultures and they are using Big Data to help them.

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2.5.16  /  Open Data: Empowering Americans to Make Data-Driven Decisions

STP looks back on progress made in open-data initiatives over the past year, and goals for the coming year.

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