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There is a lot of activity and analysis in the Big Data space. We’re pulling together the most interesting things we see and sharing them with you.

Leveraging Big Data with Hadoop, NoSQL and RDBMSs  /  8.26.14

In recent years in the world of big data, there has been an increase in data that has been difficult for many companies to track. The deluge of big data available for analysis presents great opportunity, but many organizations are having difficulty managing it. This has led to companies not being able

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Is HBase’s Slow and Steady Approach Winning the NoSQL Race?  /  8.10.14

In the world of NoSQL databases, the products that have dominated the conversation are MongoDB and DataStax Enterprise, a leading distribution of Apache Cassandra. But a couple of headlines this week bring into focus a perhaps less-splashy, though rather tenacious player: Apache HBase, which is included

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Are IBM, Microsoft and Oracle Failing the Database Market?  /  7.24.14

Traditional databases from the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Oracle could be replaced by cheaper, higher-performing and "scale-out" systems. That is according to Splice Machine CEO Monte Zweben, who claims the startup's transactional SQL relational database management system (RDBMS) will make it "very

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Big Data Drives Better Decision Making  /  7.16.14

A new report by the EIU suggests that predictive analytics is driving better results for growing firms. We talk to APT's Rupert Naylor about the report's big takeaways for tech decision makers.

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MapR App Gallery Jumpstarts Hadoop Projects by Delivering Ready-To-Use Tools, Apps  /  7.14.14

MapR Technologies is looking to give enterprises a powerful new way to jumpstart their big data projects with a rich collection of ready-to-use resources from the best-known names in Hadoop. Third-party contributors to the gallery include a wide range of big data providers.

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