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There is a lot of activity and analysis in the Big Data space. We’re pulling together the most interesting things we see and sharing them with you.

Are Your Systems Ready For The Big Data Explosion? 3 Key Database Strategy Tips  /  3.13.15

To keep up with an exploding volume, velocity and variety of data, enterprises are turning to NoSQL databases in lieu of traditional relational databases to achieve faster performance, scalability and ease-of-development.

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Big Data Research Agenda and Trends are Bolder in 2015  /  2.9.15

Big data has become a big deal as the technology industry has invested tens of billions of dollars to create the next generation of databases and data processing. Ventana Research thoroughly covered the evolving state of the big data and information optimization sector in 2014 and will continue this

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Scale Out with a Managed Data Lake  /  1.19.15

Many organizations are feeling the bulge of vastly expanding data volumes and the constriction of being hemmed in by an inadequate storage environment. We are also experiencing ever-increasing complexity in our operational system environments with some analysts estimating many companies having between

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7 Enterprise App Trends for 2015  /  1.6.15

Forget consumer apps; enterprise apps are generating real excitement in 2015. The enterprise application playing field of today is quite different from that of only a few years ago. So what are some of the biggest trends as we head into 2015?

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Taking Big Data to the Street in 2014  /  1.2.15

This was the last year in which Big Data was an off-the-street term. As the year ended, Hortonworks was preparing to go public, with Cloudera preparing for the same outcome. Big Data will officially transition into being a big business this year.

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