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8.2.16  /  Incedo Partnership Will Enable Faster Data Driven Decision Making

Enterprises are challenged by the constant need to improve the performance of their data ingestion and processing so that they can unlock data driven decision making. To bring a more affordable and scalable data processing platform to more companies, Splice Machine is happy to announce our new partnership...

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7.18.16  /  Our Big Move Into The Open-Source Database World

Developers rule! We know they influence technology decision-making both with their vote in the enterprise and their voice as a community member. When we asked developers what their experience was with Splice Machine, we learned something really meaningful that has changed the way we’re building, marketing...

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6.22.16  /  Come Visit Splice Machine at Hadoop Summit 2016

We are excited to announce that Splice Machine will be exhibiting at Hadoop Summit 2016 in San Jose from June 28th to June 30th. This conference is designed for you to get deep-dive technical content while you learn about the technologies and business drivers that are transforming big data. If you haven’t...

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6.21.16  /  Join Splice Machine at SIGMOD 2016

Splice Machine will be sponsoring and attending the 2016 ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference, which is coming to San Francisco from June 26th to July 1st. At SIGMOD 2016, we’re looking forward to discussing the latest in cutting-edge database trends and technology with over 900 of the industry’s leading minds. With...

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6.7.16  /  Splice Machine Is Going Open Source

We are very excited to announce that Splice Machine is going open source! More importantly, we’re thrilled to welcome a larger audience to use our database. We invite open source contributors, mentors, sponsors and champions in database architecture and development to the open source platform in order...

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