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11.17.15  /  Version 2.0 – The first in-memory RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark

We are proud to announce the 2.0 version of the Splice Machine RDBMS, the first hybrid in-memory RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark. Splice Machine Version 2.0 delivers a database solution that incorporates the proven scalability of Hadoop, ANSI SQL, ACID transactions, and the in-memory performance...

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10.20.15  /  Splice Machine Announces Version 1.5 of Hadoop RDBMS

It’s a good day here at Splice Machine. Today we announced the release of version 1.5 of the Hadoop RDBMS. After listening closely to our customers, prospects and partners, we have used their feedback to improve our solution. We’ve added multiple enterprise-ready features that enable businesses to...

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10.12.15  /  Splice Machine VP of Product Management, Rich Reimer, to Present at Houston Meetup

Splice Machine VP of Product Management, Rich Reimer, will be presenting “Using HBase Co-Processors to Build a Distributed, Transactional RDBMS” at The Houston Hadoop Meetup Group in Houston tomorrow, October 13, 2015. Taking place at the Microsoft offices, Reimer will discuss how to use HBase...

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9.17.15  /  HBase: Why We Use It and Believe In It

  What is HBase? Apache HBase is an open-source, distributed, versioned, non-relational database modeled after Google’s Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data. HBase supports random, real-time read/write access with a goal of hosting very large tables atop clusters...

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9.15.15  /  Apache Derby: Why and How Splice Machine Uses It

  Why do we use Apache Derby? With over 15 years of development, Apache Derby is a Java-based SQL database. Splice Machine chose Derby because it is a full-featured ANSI SQL database, lightweight (<3MB) and embeds nicely into the HBase/Hadoop stack.  Apache Derby is an open-sourced...

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