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1.11.17  /  Adaptive Applications — A Key Objective of Artificial Intelligence

By Monte Zweben, CEO and co-founder of Splice Machine A key function of artificial intelligence (AI) is to make software applications adaptive, using machine learning to improve them based on the data that they process. The machine learning workflow typically involves data scientists to perform model...

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12.22.16  /  Benefits of the DOMO BI Platform on Splice Machine

DOMO is a business intelligence (BI) and Analytics Platform that can easily integrate with Splice Machine via ODBC drivers to power analytics for your organization. What is DOMO? The BI platform delivers a SaaS-based platform that helps CEOs and business leaders transform the way they manage business...

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12.19.16  /  Open Source Culture – Splice Machine and Its Community

When open source originated as a term, it was used to describe a specific approach to create computer software programs. Today the meaning of open source has grown and is used to describe a way people communicate and share ideas. Anything can be open sourced; software, hardware, electronics, digital...

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12.15.16  /  White Paper: You Aren’t Stuck—A Roadmap for Migrating from Oracle to a Scale-Out Architecture

Many businesses are looking to take the next step forward in their business through the integration of modern applications and cutting-edge functionality, such as machine learning or real-time data processing. For a lot of companies, the question comes down to: can they power these future applications...

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11.28.16  /  Splice Machine Hosting Bay Area HBase User Group Meetup

Splice Machine is hosting the Bay Area HBase User Group Meetup on Thursday, December 8, 2016. The meetup will start at 6:30pm and will be held at the Splice Machine Office. In honor of some friends visiting town, the HBase Meetup has a great schedule set for the event, featuring several speakers over...

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