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Companies are looking to get the most out of their myriad data streams, making applications and analytics a hot topic at all levels of an organization, across a variety of industries. As a part of the next generation of database solutions and a leader in Big Data innovation, Splice Machine is being talked about by technology and industry publications.

A Decade On: The Evolution of Hadoop at Age 10  /  12.22.14

Apache Hadoop turns 10 in 2015. What started as an open-source project intended to enable Yahoo! Internet searches has become, in a relatively short time, the de facto architecture for today’s big data environments.

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Splice Machine Version 1.0 Supports Integration with Hadoop and Analytic Window Functions  /  12.18.14

Splice Machine version 1.0 supports analytic window functions and integration with Hadoop ecosystem. Splice Machine team recently released their Hadoop based RDBMS data management solution that can be used for transactional workloads on Hadoop.

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10 Hadoop Predictions for 2015  /  12.17.14

Over the next five years, the Hadoop-MapReduce market is expected to hit $2.2bn, a compound annual growth rate (GAGR) of 58%, according to The research firm put the growth down to the increasing amounts of data that has to be stored and analyzed, as well as the cost-prohibitive pricing

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The Joys and Hype of Software Called Hadoop  /  12.16.14

Even in hype-filled Silicon Valley, few buzz phrases are freighted with higher expectations than big data. Salespeople are knocking on the doors of Fortune 500 companies, promising to help them analyze a mounting flood of information from websites, smartphones, social networks and an increasing array

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How Harte Hanks Turbocharged Big Data  /  12.3.14

Harte Hanks, the global marketing organization, is no stranger to big data. An innovator in data-driven promotions, the company offers an array of integrated, multi-channel analytics, database marketing, data quality and other information-intensive services to major BtoB and BtoC brands worldwide.

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