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Companies are looking to get the most out of their myriad data streams, making applications and analytics a hot topic at all levels of an organization, across a variety of industries. As a part of the next generation of database solutions and a leader in Big Data innovation, Splice Machine is being talked about by technology and industry publications.

10.7.16  /  Transparency and Independence Drive Open Source Adoption

Open-source software is now not only acceptable; in many companies, it is required. In the past, enterprises looked at open source projects as if they were science experiments, lacking the support and “single throat to choke” in case of an escalation. But the tide has turned.

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10.2.16  /  Disruptive Technology, Monotonous Marketing At Strata+Hadoop World

Splice Machine ( offers a fully SQL-compliant relational database management system built on Hadoop and Spark. The disruption: Splice Machine works well for both transactional and analytical processing, the ‘best of both worlds’ that combines big data and fast data, what

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9.29.16  /  Strata + Hadoop World: Splice Machine supports native PL/SQL

In an effort to speed up the migration from Oracle to Hadoop, Splice Machine has announced support for native PL/SQL. This addition is designed to reduce the time and cost of offloading Big Data workloads from Oracle.

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9.27.16  /  Splice Machine Introduces PL/SQL Support in Support Oracle-to-Hadoop Migration

Splice Machine, provider of an SQL RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark, now supports native PL/SQL on Splice Machine. The goal, the company says with PL/SQL support is to reduce the time and cost for companies to move big data workloads from Oracle databases.

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9.14.16  /  Big Data 50 – Companies Driving Innovation

To help organizations continue to get the most from their data Big Data Quarterly presented the second annual “Big Data 50,” and selected Splice Machine as one of the companies driving the big data innovation.

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