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Companies are looking to get the most out of their myriad data streams, making applications and analytics a hot topic at all levels of an organization, across a variety of industries. As a part of the next generation of database solutions and a leader in Big Data innovation, Splice Machine is being talked about by technology and industry publications.

Celebrating the Top Software and Hardware  /  1.26.15

The 2015 Technology of the Year Awards is an embarrassment of riches, with more inventive new products and technologies than we've ever seen arrive in a single year.

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Splice Machine Takes on Big Boys of Big Data with Hadoop RDBMS  /  1.21.15

With the number of devices growing by the day, never before have companies been able to connect with consumers in so many different ways.But so far, it has been difficult for them to keep up with all the data being collected. Not even the most powerful databases can. With that knowledge, there is a new

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It’s Time to Put Big Data to Work  /  1.13.15

After the last few years of the hype drumbeat, many of us in business are tired of the term “big data.” Nonetheless, it has expanded the dialogue around analytics and data-driven decision-making, shining a light on work that has been going on for decades. The use of “big” also highlighted the

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How Do I Handle All of That Data? Scale Up or Scale Out?  /  1.12.15

Throughout the global economy, this tsunami of data is crushing IT budgets. Gartner projected a global overall IT spending increase of only 3.8 percent for 2014, while information volumes are rising worldwide more than 59 percent each year. In response, companies everywhere are looking to store their

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10 Startups to Watch in 2015  /  1.5.15

A new year usually signals the influx of new predictions, and the St. Louis startup ecosystem is no different. The Business Journal asked an informal panel of five people heavily involved in the innovation community in St. Louis about which startups we should keep an eye on this year.

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