Internet of Things

React in Real-Time with Splice Machine

The explosive growth of connected devices provides great opportunities for companies that are able to mine real-time device data from the Internet of Things, analyze it and take action. From planes that can tell mechanics of problems in advance of landing to smartphones’ GPS being used to detect traffic jams, system telemetry can be a game changer for a multitude of industries.

White Paper

Learn about the Splice Machine RDBMS in this in-depth white paper.


System Telemetry Solutions

System telemetry uses a stream of data from devices to detect conditions that require action in real-time. These conditions can be system failures, resource optimizations, fraudulent actions, marketing or service opportunities, or intrusions.

Cross-industry examples include:

  • Proactive Fault Response – Device-based industries such as telecoms, utilities, and ISPs/cable companies, use real-time telemetry to proactively detect failures
    and attempt remote resets to prevent
    service calls
  • Server Monitoring – Detect any degradation of website performance and present offers to affected users to increase customer retention
  • Cyberthreat Security – Monitor firewalls
    to correlate real-time activity with historic firewall logs to determine if there is a
    real threat

Traditional systems are unable to ingest and analyze the sheer volume of system telemetry data; Splice Machine has the scalability to ingest, analyze and react to massive volumes of telemetry data.

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