Operational Analytics

Respond Faster With Real-Time Analysis

The sheer volume of web, social, mobile and machine-generated data being generated every day can be a staggering number to consider. Now, companies are tasked with not only managing the vast quantities of data coming in, but also with getting the most out of it in the form of valuable insights for their business.

White Paper

Learn about the Splice Machine RDBMS in this in-depth white paper.


Don't Rely on Old Data for New Decisions

Speed Matters

Compounding the issue of data volume is the issue of data velocity. The value of the insights depends greatly on time, so data that is one month, one week, or even one day old may already be obsolete. The drive for real-time data to power operational analytics makes Splice Machine the ideal foundation for any organization that is looking to leverage today’s data today, instead of yesterday’s data tomorrow.

Splice Machine: Speed and Scale

The Splice Machine RDBMS provide the real-time updates needed to power the new breed of analytical applications that is emerging to collect, analyze AND react to data in real-time. We’re helping companies become real-time, data-driven businesses that can out-learn and out-execute their competition.

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