Operational Applications

Power Traditional, Real-Time Operational Applications

Whether its social network updates, bank balances, websites or transactions in an ERP system, real-time operational applications need to provide the right results, right now, to users.

White Paper

Learn about the Splice Machine RDBMS in this in-depth white paper.


Combining Scale Out and Transactional Integrity

High levels of integrity and performance have previously been the hallmark of transactional RDBMSs, but they could not scale cost-effectively. Splice Machine can power real-time operations with the same transactional integrity while leveraging scaling on commodity hardware.

Splice Machine’s unique ability to process real-time updates on gigabytes to petabytes of data on an Apache Hadoop® infrastructure makes it a great option for companies looking to:

  • Get more out of their existing Hadoop infrastructure
  • Move away from high-performance, high-cost systems
  • Create a new application platform that can grow with your business
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