Simplified Lambda Architecture

Ditch the Lambda Architecture Duct Tape

The Lambda Architecture enables a continuous processing of real-time data. It is a painful process that gets the job done, but at a great cost. Splice Machine offers a simplified solution, Lambda-in-a-Box, that delivers the benefits of Lambda without the “enterprise duct tape” of other approaches.

Lambda in a Box

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Defining Traditional Lambda Architectures

Lambda Architectures are ubiquitous in machine learning and data science applications. They enable continuous processing of real-time data without the ETL lag that plagues traditional operational (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) implementations. Typically, OLTP databases are normalized for performance and then extensive ETL pipelines de-normalize this data, typically into star schemas on OLAP engines. This process usually takes at least a day.

Companies implement a Lambda Architecture to circumvent this lag. For the batch layer, they typically use a batch analytics processing engine on Hadoop, like MapReduce, Hive or Spark. For the serving layer, they use a NoSQL/Key-Value engine like Cassandra, HBase, Impala and Druid. For the speed layer, there typically is a queuing system like Kafka and a streaming system like Storm, Spark Streaming or even Flink.

Create Real-Time, Scalable Applications with a Simplified Lambda Architecture

Splice Machine offers a better solution to the complexity of Lambda Architectures. We call it Lambda-in-a-Box. With the new scale-out RDBMS systems, you can now get all the benefits of Lambda with a much simpler architecture.

For example, here’s how a machine learning application can use Lambda-in-a-Box:

  • Batch File Ingestion
  • Real-time Stream Ingestion
  • Data Cleansing
  • Feature Engineering and Extensive ETL
  • Model Training
  • Application Logic
  • Model Execution
  • Reporting and Data Visualization

Why Choose Splice Machine for Your Lambda Architecture

Splice Machine is the open-source SQL RDBMS, powered by Apache Hadoop® and Apache Spark™.

The Splice Machine RDBMS provides:

  • ACID Transactions
  • Secondary Indexing
  • Referential Integrity
  • Joins 
  • Workload Isolation

By centralizing on a relational Lambda Architecture on Splice Machine, teams can build machine learning applications very quickly, maintain them with standard operational personnel, and be able to tightly integrate machine learning into the application without extensive use of “Enterprise Duct Tape”.

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