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The future of the future: Spark, big data insights, streaming and deep learning in the cloud  /  11.1.17

Apache Spark is hailed as being Hadoop's successor, claiming its throne as the hottest Big Data platform. What the founding fathers of Spark are saying and doing about its future and its positioning in the market has never been more timely.

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NewSQL databases rise anew — MemSQL, Spanner among contenders  /  10.20.17

NewSQL databases put special emphasis on SQL transactions, with atomicity, consistency and other processing attributes. At the same time, they distribute data workloads in a new style pioneered by Google, Yahoo and others. As attention was poured on Hadoop and NoSQL in the early years of this decade, NewSQL database alternatives plugged away quietly.

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Turning Algorithms into Business Advantage: Insights from Strata Data Conference  /  10.11.17

Business advantage eludes some of today’s organizations, but those who increased their knowledge and learned from the experts at the recent Strata Data Conference in New York certainly find they have a much better path to follow to successfully use their data to achieve business advantage.

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