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Splice Machine debuts on AWS, sees cloud as path forward for hybrid RDBMS  /  4.24.17

The company has rolled out its Hadoop- and Spark-based RDBMS offering as a cloud service on AWS. But that's just the start, because Splice Machine is targeting the cloud as its go-to-market strategy for driving adoption.

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The Entrepreneur Way

The Entrepreneur Way: 447: Avoiding Getting Lost in Analysis Paralysis and Getting Started with Monte Zweben Founder and Owner of Splice Machine  /  4.24.17

Monte Zweben is the co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine, a provider of the open-source SQL RDBMS for hybrid workloads. Monte is a serial entrepreneur and well-respected industry expert in Big Data who started at NASA. Previously, he also founded and was the CEO of Red Pepper Software and Blue Martini Software.

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tech target

Q&A: How a machine learning platform opens up big data possibilities  /  4.22.17

With big data architectures and cloud resources finally making machine learning applications possible, Monte Zweben says it's time to map out your AI-enabled futures.

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