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2.13.17  /  10 Tips for Importing Data with Splice Machine

By Erin Driggers I’ve imported my share of data and have had some frustrating experiences importing data into Splice Machine and other databases. To help you avoid some of the frustration I’ve felt, I’d like to share several data importing tips I’ve acquired over time. Tip 1 - File location First,...

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1.27.17  /  Looking for Early Adopters for DBaaS

By Monte Zweben, CEO and co-founder of Splice Machine I am so excited divulge here that Splice Machine will launch its cloud-based DBaaS in Spring 2017. Soon you will be able to go to and provision a clustered, scale-out, hybrid OLTP/OLAP database in minutes, and we will operate...

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1.23.17  /  Splice Machine Alleviates the Headache of Migrating from Oracle

Big Data has exploded in recent years. As a result, many businesses have come to a crossroads: invest more to scale up their legacy Oracle system, or make the move to another RDBMS to be able to increase the functionality and capabilities of their business. As one of the first relational database...

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1.17.17  /  John Leach Presenting at Spark Summit East 2017

We’re excited to announce that our CTO and co-founder John Leach will be speaking at Spark Summit East 2017! John will be presenting, “Utilizing Spark As The Analytical Core To An Open Source HTAP Relational Database On HBase,” on the final day of the conference, February 9 at 3:20pm in Ballroom...

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1.11.17  /  Adaptive Applications — A Key Objective of Artificial Intelligence

By Monte Zweben, CEO and co-founder of Splice Machine A key function of artificial intelligence (AI) is to make software applications adaptive, using machine learning to improve them based on the data that they process. The machine learning workflow typically involves data scientists to perform model...

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