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Companies are looking to get the most out of their myriad data streams, making applications and analytics a hot topic at all levels of an organization, across a variety of industries. As a part of the next generation of database solutions and a leader in Big Data innovation, Splice Machine is being talked about by technology and industry publications.

3.23.17  /  Exploring the Possibilities: Insights from Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Splice Machine makes it easy to develop and create modern, real-time, scalable applications or to offload operational and analytical workloads from other systems. Typical use cases include ETL, operational reporting or real-time applications.

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3.21.17  /  10 people to follow if you want a career in AI

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics has never been more exciting. With questions around the ethics of AI and the ever-developing robotics sector, there are so many options for someone who wants a career in AI.

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3.17.17  /  15 Big Data Technology Developments You Should Know About

Splice Machine Cloud RDBMS: Splice Machine, developer of an open-source SQL relational database that works with Hadoop and Spark, will launch a relational Database-as-a-Service this spring on Amazon Web Services.

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3.17.17  /  What does machine learning mean for the future of work?

Once heavily invested in the AI and machine learning systems that helped run the NASA Space Shuttle, Splice Machine CEO Monte Zweben is trying to overhaul the structure that lies at its very core.

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2.28.17  /  Google’s Cloud Spanner To Settle the Relational vs NoSQL Debate?

Fusions like Splice Machine merge the best parts of the traditional RDBMS's and their NoSQL counterparts, thus enabling true RDBMS's with MVCC and ACID on systems such as Hadoop, capable of doing real-time on-the-fly analysis and updates on massive and distributed data volumes.

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