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Companies are looking to get the most out of their myriad data streams, making applications and analytics a hot topic at all levels of an organization, across a variety of industries. As a part of the next generation of database solutions and a leader in Big Data innovation, Splice Machine is being talked about by technology and industry publications.

1.23.13  /  NewSQL Databases Like Splice Machine Pursue Scalable SQL

A new generation of databases that use SQL and a distributed file system like Hadoop are hitting the market. These NewSQL databases connect data professionals and business intelligence applications using SQL to a scalable data storage backend that isn’t slowed by data caching.

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12.17.12  /  SQL vs. noSQL in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are under great pressure to provide digital solutions, but there's a chance we are hampering potential benefits by jumping straight to noSQL...Monte Zweben, Chairman and CEO at Splice Machine, recently told me he thinks the medical world stands to gain much more benefit by sticking

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12.4.12  /  Interview with Monte Zweben, founder of Splice Machine

Today I interviewed Monte Zweben, the founder of Splice Machine which provides the first SQL-compliant database designed for big data applications. The company is on pace to launch in early 2013 and recently raised $4 million in venture captial. Mr. Zweben started his career at the NASA Ames Research

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10.23.12  /  Startup Splice Machine Secures Funding to Develop the Splice SQL Engine for Big Data Apps

Splice Machine, the developer of a SQL-compliant database designed for big data applications, has raised $4 million in Series A funding from Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV), enabling it to continue the development of the Splice SQL Engine. “We are providing the first SQL-compliant database designed for

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10.19.12  /  Former NASA Researcher (And Billionaire) Jumps Back In The Startup Game

Zweben’s new company – Splice Machine – just raised $4 million in first-round capital from Mohr Davidow Ventures, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based firm with a history of financing info-tech, cleantech and life sciences companies.

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