At Splice Machine, we’re honored to be recognized for the innovation that we’ve brought to the database space. Learn more about why Splice Machine is getting noticed by checking out the awards below.

6.14.18  /  DBTA 100 2018: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

Splice Machine included as an 'innovator' helping to point the way forward with technologies and services to take advantage of the wealth of data that is pouring into companies.

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6.4.18  /  2018 SD Times 100: Best in Show

Splice Machine was named one of SD Times' 'Best in Show' for Software Development in the category of Big Data and Analytics.

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5.11.18  /  2018 Big Data 100: Coolest Emerging Big Data Vendors

Splice Machine's core product is an open-source SQL relational Database-as-a-Service, powered by Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, with data warehouse and machine learning capabilities.

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10.11.17  /  Turning Algorithms into Business Advantage: Insights from Strata Data Conference

Business advantage eludes some of today’s organizations, but those who increased their knowledge and learned from the experts at the recent Strata Data Conference in New York certainly find they have a much better path to follow to successfully use their data to achieve business advantage.

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9.8.17  /  Big Data 50 – Companies Driving Innovation in 2017

Splice Machine supports ACID transactions via Hadoop RDBMS designed to scale real-time applications using commodity hardware without application rewrites.

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