Splice Machine Editions

Splice Machine is available as an Open Source Community Edition and also has an Enterprise Edition, for companies wanting more DevOps features and support. Companies of all sizes can use Splice Machine on a per node basis. This enables you to scale out horizontally as demand and data volume grow in a production environment.

Features Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Scale-Out Architecture
ANSI SQL  ✓  ✓
Concurrent Acid Transactions  ✓  ✓
OLAP and OLTP Resource Isolation
Distributed In-Memory Joins, Aggregations, Scans, and Groupings  ✓
Cost-Based Statistics / Query Optimizer  ✓  ✓
Management Console  ✓  ✓
Compaction Optimization
Apache Kafka-enabled Streaming
Virtual Table Interfaces  ✓
New Releases and Maintenance Updates  ✓
Backup and Restore Capabilities  ✓
Column Level Access Control  ✓
Security Features, including Kerberos and MapR-SASL
LDAP Support
Additional Materials and Support
Tutorials  ✓
Forums  ✓
Videos  ✓
Online Documentation  ✓
Community Support  ✓
24/7 Support via Web and Phone (more)
Complimentary Account Management Services
GitHub Repository  ✓
Development and Production Node Free On a per node per year basis


Splice Machine Enterprise Edition support includes:

Support Summary
Term 1 year
Named Support Contacts 5 contacts
Access Channels Web and Phone
Support Hours 24×7
Support Response Times
Severity 1 1 hour
Severity 2 4 hours
Severity 3 1 business day
Severity 4 1 business day
Severity Definitions
Severity 1 Production down or severely degraded to point of being non-functional
Severity 2 Production functional overall but issues reducing performance or functionality
Severity 3 Development or minor production issue
Severity 4 Question or issue that does not impact production


Professional Services (available at additional cost)


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