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Look Back to Spring Forward: Real-time Order Promising with Predictive Supply Chains

One new approach to dealing with supply chain uncertainty is to use machine learning to predict what might go wrong and use that as the basis for the supply chain planning processes. This webinar takes you on a journey to the predictive supply chain with supply chain industry veterans, Monte Zweben, CEO and co-founder of Splice Machine, and Santhosh Kumar, CTO of Intrigo. The webinar will focus on true order promising that gives salespeople a real-time reservation tool to better serve customers and make reliable commitments on behalf of the enterprise.

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Ingesting Data with Splice Machine’s SparkAdapter

In this example, we stream weather data from a public weather data source to a Kafka queue and into a Splice Machine table using an Apache Zeppelin notebook.

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See Under the Hood of Splice Machine

In this webinar, hosted by Splice Machine CEO, Monte Zweben, you will see Splice Machine in action, demonstrating the details of the Splice Machine architecture combining Apache HBase and Apache Spark, ACID transactions, how the Splice cost-based optimizer handles complex analytical queries with advanced statistics, secondary indexes, and subquery unrolling, its tight integration with Spark DataFrames, forming a durable Spark store, streaming examples to support IoT applications, and machine Learning examples.

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