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Accelerate ROI on Your Data Lake Investment

9 out of 10 large organizations are struggling to generate value from their data lake. Hear from Krishnan Parasuraman, VP of Sales and Business Development at Splice Machine, Ravindra Punuru, CTO at Diyotta, and our guest speaker, Brent Snyder, Senior Data Architect at Sonoco, on how to optimize your data lake investment through the use of innovative technologies like Splice Machine and Diyotta.

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Execute Distributed ACID-compliant Transactions on Petabytes

In this deep dive webinar, Distributed Transactional Processing on Splice Machine, Chief Architect, Daniel Gómez Ferro, presents Splice Machine’s unique HTAP architecture that handles rapid queries and updates on massive datasets.

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The Mastered Data Lake: How Ten-X Performs Modern MDM on Hadoop

Join Splice Machine and Ten-X for this informative webinar on building a Mastered Data Lake for your organization. You’ll hear stories from the front lines from Jeff Klagenberg, senior director of enterprise data management for Ten-X. And you’ll see a demo of the Splice Machine platform from co-founder and CEO, Monte Zweben.

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