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Splice Machine: The First Hybrid, In-Memory RDBMS Powered by Apache Hadoop® and Apache Spark™

In this white paper, you’ll learn about Splice Machine, the first hybrid, in-memory RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark.

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Splice Machine Spark White Paper

Your IoT Apps Deserve a Better Data Platform

In this white paper, you'll find out about the requirements for a modern IoT application platform, one that can capture, process, store and analyze the large streams of data generated by IoT devices.

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IoT Whitepaper

A Roadmap for Migrating from Oracle to a Scale-Out Architecture

In this white paper you will learn why Oracle limits your potential for innovation, how to get have transactional SQL, stored procedures, triggers and PL/SQL on a scale-out architecture, why organizations are offloading data and applications from Oracle, what obstacles these organizations have to overcome, and a roadmap for migration from Oracle to a scale-out architecture.

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Migrating from Oracle

Streamlining the ETL Pipeline With Apache Hadoop®

In this CITO Research white paper, learn how to address ETL pain points, the current options to improve ETL at Big Data scale and the pros and cons of ETL on Hadoop.

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CITO Research White Paper_Streaming the ETL Pipeline with Hadoop

The Scale-Out Database Guide: When to use NoSQL vs. NewSQL

This white paper discusses the pros, cons and best use cases for 2 popular categories of scale-out operational databases: NoSQL and NewSQL.

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White Paper_The Scale Out Database Guide_When to use NoSQL vs NewSQ

Getting a 360° Customer View in the Age of Big Data

Because of the massive volumes of data, traditional data warehouses and ‘Big Iron’ databases are just too expensive to support Unified Customer Profiles (UCP).

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Unified Customer Profile White Paper

Scale Up vs. Out

In this white paper, learn about the different options and benefits of scale out solutions for Oracle database users.

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Scale Up vs Out White Paper

The Guide to Scaling Operational Applications on Apache Hadoop®

Discover more cost-effective ways to power your web, mobile, OLTP and Internet of Things applications in this exclusive white paper from Splice Machine.

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White paper_The Guide to Scaling Operational Applications on Hadoop

The Operational Data Lake: Your On-Ramp to Big Data

In this white paper by CITO Research, learn about the concept of the operational data lake, and its potential as an on-ramp to big data by upgrading outdated operational data stores (ODSs).

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CITO Research White Paper_The Operational Data Lake_Your On_Ramp to Big Data

SQL-on-Hadoop Evaluation Guide

Companies looking to power Big Data applications face a growing number of choices. In this white paper, learn about the advantages of SQL-on-Hadoop as well as how to identify the right solution for your use case.

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SQL On Hadoop Evaluation Guide White Paper
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